Saturday, October 6, 2012

yoga and caspar babypants

As an early birthday present I bought Oliver (and the family) tickets to a family yoga session at my yoga studio, followed by a concert by Oliver's favorite musician, Caspar Babypants. We all had a fun time! Oliver was very excited to take his first yoga class, and even dressed in his yoga clothes, which matched Nick's. After the class, Caspar played for a good 45 minutes and we sat and danced right in front of him. It's usually packed when we go to his free concerts and the more intimate setting today meant Oliver got to interact with him, including some high fives, book signing and saying goodbye at the end. When we got home, Oliver ran to his room play his own Caspar Babypants music and showed us that he memorized more lyrics from the concert.
ready for yoga!
Elliott played with my camera bag during most of the class

downward facing dog
Chavasana, and watching Caspar play his first song
You can see Nick's toe at the very bottom of the picture, that's how close we were!
looking a little warm after all the dancing!
a high five for Caspar, couldn't quite catch it on camera
Oliver took this picture of him after he signed a book and cd for the boys

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