Sunday, October 7, 2012

10 months old

Elliott is 10 months old today! Every day he is acting more and more like a toddler than a baby! We love our sweet, sweet, smiley boy!

Here are 10 facts about him:
  1. He loves to chase his brother around the house, trying to eat him. Meanwhile, Oliver will shriek if Elliott gets too close, since he has been known to bite. 
  2. Our front window has become a new favorite hangout spot for him, and he will stand there for several minutes at a time, just watching the cars go by, or waiting for his daddy to get home.
  3. Another favorite place to hang out is our train table, there are always some interesting things for him to get into up there. 
  4.  Some of his teeth are all the way in now, and he has become a very good eater, often out-eating his big brother! 
  5. EC is also going great, we're down to an average of just one or two misses per day now. If we get excited while he's on the potty he'll smile and clap, which is really cute. 
  6. He's  loving the same book that his brother did at this age, "Baby Boo", a big board book with large pictures of babies and a mirror at the end. He will just lay on this book staring at the pictures and the mirror.
  7. He loves to get out of the house and play in our front yard. 
  8. He loves sand!
  9. He recently learned how to give treats to Penny (as opposed to trying to eat them himself) and he really enjoys doing that. Penny doesn't seem to mind either :) 
  10. He's still very weary of strangers, or anyone other than Nick or I. He spends two hours a week in the sibling care room while Oliver is at preschool, and that has been a big challenge for him.
hanging out at the window
enjoying some spaghetti sauce!
at the window again!

Penny wanted some attention, too!
playing with blocks

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