Thursday, July 30, 2009

29 weeks!

Here I am at 29 weeks! I can't believe how close it's getting! If I look hot in this picture, I am, because we took it yesterday when it was 103 outside! And probably a cool 95 inside, since we only have one fan. The outside temperature when we went to bed last night was 93 at 10pm! This is what global warming will do to Seattle. It cooled down to 99 today, and we're looking at even cooler temperatures tomorrow. Yay! I've been fairing pretty well with the heat. I've been going to the gym instead of walking outside, and I haven't gotten swollen yet.

I had my monthly doctor appointment today, and everything is going really well. I also signed us up for childbirth classes by Penny Simkin which start next Tuesday.

Nick is hoping to have the trim finished this weekend, so I'll post an update soon. He hasn't been able to work on it that much this week because of the heat. He also starts the 3am-11am shift again next week, but hopefully this time it will only last for two or three weeks. He's taking the day off work tomorrow to go out on a boat on Lake Washington with his coworkers to watch the blue angels and hydroplane races like he does every year during Seafair. If only I had more vacation days I could go too!

Monday, July 27, 2009

California Baby Shower

While we were down in the bay area last week, we had our baby shower. It was so nice to see our family and friends whom we do not see very often, and everyone got to see my growing belly too! It was a hot afternoon, perfect for an outdoor bbq. I am 28 weeks, 3 days in the photos.


Nick wearing one of Binny's presents

This is a little toy I made for Evan when I was 5. Another Binny present!
Everyone packed into the living room to watch me open presents.
Family photo

28 week belly

Mommy & Daddy to be!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Stinson Beach

We spent the afternoon at Stinson Beach today with my mom and her aussies Sula and Kai. It was a gorgeous day and the dogs slept the entire way home. Here are a few pictures:

Family picture, Penny is busy watching the seagulls

I love the beach! I wish the state of Washington would let dogs on the beach!

Chuck-it thrower

After two hours, she still can't get enough of that ball!

Kai, Penny, and Sula

Running in a circle

27 Weeks!

So, this is a little bit late since I'm almost 28 weeks, but I figure better late than never! This week Nick has been able to feel the baby kick his stomach when he hugs me. He thinks it's pretty cool. He can also get the baby to kick his finger if he pokes my stomach. No new pregnancy symptoms to report, and no swelling yet, even with the heat!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


This weekend's house project: trim, baseboards, and outlet covers. We spent a majority of our afternoon at a Beginning of Summer Bash that our neighborhood puts together every year. It was a lot of fun, and we met a few more of the nice people that live around here, including one lady in my prenatal yoga class. They closed the street about a block down from us in front of the park and had lots of activities, including live music, a potluck, and a bouncy gym for the kids. Oh, and it was in the mid 80's too! So, we got a late start on the house projects, but here's the progress so far:

Making cuts under as Penny supervises. If you look close enough, you'll notice that the swelling in her eye has gone down!

Measuring, although he had to redo this one since he was looking at me instead of the trim.

One of the finished windows

And some of the finished doors. They look so much better now!

Friday, July 10, 2009


This is where I grew up :)

via julinabee

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Poor Penny

We came home from work yesterday to find the left side of Penny's face swollen. Worried that it might be an abscessed tooth, I called the vet but the earliest they could fit her in was this evening. Oddly, the swelling went down by the time we went to bed, and was gone by morning. But when we got home today, the swelling was worse than yesterday, and it was now above her left eye as well. The vet said she probably got an infection from something (although she's not sure from what). She put Penny on an antibiotic and anti inflammatory for a few days to see if things clear up. She's acting pretty normal aside from her energy level being a bit lower. We hope she gets better soon!

26 Weeks!

I'm 26 weeks and 1 day today. This is officially the start of the third trimester! Yay! Only 3 months to go!

I had my glucose screening test on Monday to check for gestational diabetes. The orange drink was awful, and it gave the baby a sugar high because he was kicking furiously right after I drank it. The good news is that the results came back negative!

We've been having a hard time coming up with boy names. The only name nick has suggested so far is Frankenstein, which I vetoed for several reasons. At my office they have nicknamed him Wally. And this weekend, the family coffee crew came up with Grim, a combination of Gregg and Jim. Although it was popular among everyone else, I'm not sure I can give my son a name where his nickname will be "the Reaper". Nick and I have decided to offer to name our son after anyone willing to pay for his entire college tuition. If there is more than one bidder, we'll name him after the highest one. Any takers?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It's gone! Nick surprised me this weekend by shaving off his beard while I was running errands on Sunday. I actually didn't mind how the beard looked, but the hair was really bothersome to the part of my face that still hasn't completely regained it's feeling after my jaw surgery last year.


Friday, July 3, 2009


We spent last night with thousands of zombies roaming the streets of Seattle. They were trying to, and broke the world record for a zombie flash mob. They estimate that about 6,000 showed up. You can read more about it here and here. Update: Here's a video that the Seattle Times had on their website: click here. Here are some photos I took:

Looking scary! Jim & Cynthia with their nieces Nora and Courtney.

Penny tries to save us from Dr. Zombie!

Cynthia feeding hearts to Dr. Zombie.

More zombies.
As you can see, there were lots of them!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


This is what happens when I get out of bed for just a minute! Neither one of them seem to notice or care that I've been booted from the bed! Maybe a king size bed is in our future, although probably not since I don't think it would fit in our bedroom.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

25 Weeks!

I'm 25 weeks today! Only 1 week left in the 2nd trimester and then it's on to the third! I can't believe I only have about 15 weeks left! So much to be done. Nick did clear out the saws from what will be the baby's room (although his friends thought he should have left them since it is going to be a boy's room :) yeah right!). Tools, an air compressor, and hardwood flooring that needs to be installed remain, but we're making progress.

Nothing much has changed with me, except that my belly is starting to get in the way, especially when I have to fetch Penny's balls that have rolled under our kitchen cabinets (which don't have toe kicks yet). Sitting for long periods of time is increasingly uncomfortable so I've been trying to stand up a lot at work. I can't say I'm looking forward to the car ride down to CA later this month. I have a feeling we'll be taking more frequent stops than usual.

I have my glucose screening test coming up on Monday. And Nick was able to hear the baby's heart beat tonight by putting his ear on my belly!