Monday, July 30, 2012

Penny's commercial!

Take a look! She's at :04 and 1:25

Sunday, July 29, 2012

pictures from the week: 7/22-7/28

first time swimming, at the Greenlake wading pool
hanging out in our front grass
how sweet
if you enlarge the picture you can see avocado all over Elliott's face, it's just as good as a moisturizer as it is to eat!
wearing Oliver's shades
and loving it!
bumper boats at the Boeing company picnic yesterday
Oliver riding in the lion car with daddy on a "train" tractor. We thought it was boring, but he loved it, and because everything was free at the Boeing picnic, he rode it at least 10 times.
sucking on my necklace at the picnic
excited to play guitar with daddy again!
Elliott is thrilled, Nick, not so much :) It's a bit hard to play anything with a 7-month old helping out.
concentrating on where to put his fingers
this kid loves his daddy's guitar! He actually cries when Nick puts them away.

Friday, July 27, 2012

garden friends

I took the boys to Swanson's Nursery today to pick up a two plants for our front yard, we needed another blueberry and rosemary bush. I've been wanting to get some little garden friends for a while, so I let Oliver pick out a few. I love them! I put one gnome by each of the boys' maple trees.
this little gnome is hanging out by Elliott's tree
and this is the one Oliver wanted for his tree
and some geckos eating the clover
Later on, this little guy helped me pick basil for the delicious Zusketti I made for dinner.

he mostly ended up with handfuls of cilantro and dirt


Last night we took the boys to their first Mariners game, thanks to Jim and Cynthia who had tickets and were out of town. The seats were great, 20 rows back behind third base, and at almost 80 degrees, the weather was just about perfect. The boys did much better than we thought they would. We made it to the 6th inning in our seats before we headed to the playground behind center field. We probably could have gone back to our seats after the break to finish up the game, but since it was 9pm and a bit late for the boys, we headed home.
first family Mariners game
photo by Oliver

happy boy!
great seats in left field!

 another photo by Oliver

Oliver didn't want to pose with the moose, so Elliott and I did instead

Thursday, July 26, 2012

caspar babypants

We went to a great Caspar Babypants show at the downtown Seattle library yesterday. It was the third time that Oliver and I have seen him and he is just so much fun for both the kids and parents to watch. He does free shows all year long all over the Seattle area and he is definitely worth braving the crowds for.
Oliver sure paid a lot of attention to the show. Here is a little video of Oliver being Caspar Babypants in his room this morning! The entire setup was his idea. I was actually in the other room when this started. He remembered so many of the small details, from the sheet music to jumping off the chair at the end of the last song and then strumming his guitar in the air.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

bite of Seattle

We went to check out the Bite of Seattle this past Saturday. It was supposed to be a huge festival where nice restaurants sample their food and offer small plates for sale. Unfortunately, Comcast took over as the sponsor recently and the cuisine was 95% fair food - not my idea of good food! So, I didn't eat anything, but we still had a nice time as a family.

We started the trip off with Oliver (and Elliott's) first bus ride - it was a huge hit! And really convenient, I didn't miss dealing with car seats at all! When we got there, we enjoyed live music, a reptile show in the family area, dock dogs, police horses and new Ford cars!
bus stop, four blocks from our house
posing with the cops
Oliver is no longer afraid of large animals!
Since we didn't spend any money on food, I bought Oliver this cool bubble gun instead! We've seen them at all the fairs recently and they are a big hit with the kids
Oliver tried to spray people's legs with bubbles as they walked past him. It's a good thing he's cute and small, because everyone thought it was funny.
playing in the fountain at Seattle Center
see, Elliott and I were there too!

he played in at least four brand new Ford cars at their booth, better theirs than ours!
petting the turtle from the reptile show
and the day ended with a bus ride home, thankfully it was late so we didn't have to wait 20 minutes for the next one

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Here is a picture of our little vegetarian Dracula, as Nick calls him. He sucks green beans instead of blood :)

pictures from the week: 7/15-7/21

guitar lessons from daddy
looks like something I might like to eat!
just playing a guitar!
riding a tricycle wearing cool shades from uncle Ev
my new Doidy cup (it's supposed to reduce spills)
haha, not when I tip it sideways!
but it's fun to play with anyway
look at those long lashes!
brothers playing!
watching Oliver's every move
this is his conductor outfit for today
he loves his Zoli cup
mr. O