Saturday, July 7, 2012

7 months

Mr. EJ is 7 month old today! Our little man is growing up fast! He and I took a nice, sunny walk down to the Ballard Locks today to meet big brother who was riding bikes with Jim Baer. Elliott was more than happy to hang out in the ergo and watch his surroundings. (And in case you were wondering what Nick was doing, he was enjoying a cross-fit class that he bought on Groupon)

Here are a few new things that Elliott has been doing this month
  • Gets himself into a sitting position by himself
  • Waves goodbye
  • He wants to move badly, but hasn't quite figured it out. He's always flopping himself over pillows to try to reach things
  • Pulls himself to standing
  • He's much easier to put down to sleep than his big brother was, this makes for a happy mommy :)
  • He really wants to eat but his gag reflex is still strong so he hasn't been swallowing anything yet. He does love to chew on roasted veggies or big chunks of meat or bones
  • No teeth yet!
  • He loves to drink water out of his Zoli straw cup, or out my glass if I hold it for him
  • He loves music and starts laughing whenever you sing a song to him, no matter how badly you're singing
And like always, here are some pictures of our cutie pie!

guitar lessons from daddy
yep, tastes like a guitar!
jumping away

And now for some smiles and rolls! (I couldn't pick just one)

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