Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Here are some photos from the day! The boys woke up bright and early and did a small egg hunt inside. When Jim and Cynthia arrived they finally got to go into the backyard where Easter Bunny had left quite a few eggs for them to find. After everyone ate more than their share of chocolate, we decided it was the perfect day for the beach (and Oliver wanted to test out his new kite from the Easter bunny!) I ran down there with Penny while Nick met me there with the boys. We all had a fun time and the weather was just gorgeous! Penny even learned a new trick (see photos below). And since all of my guys are napping, I have time to update the blog!
Oliver wanted me to take this picture of his dark chocolate bunny. He was very proud of it and assured me it wasn't real before biting the ears off.
Elliott looks a bit shocked that he managed to unwrap this dark chocolate egg, now what to do with it! He still prefers the unwrapping to actually eating chocolate.
looking on as Oliver shows him what to do!
Binny's Buddha
egg hunt
pick up that one for me, Daddy
double fisting!
perfect day for the beach, and the perfect place to burn off all the chocolate
And now for Penny's new trick. . . kite flying! We forgot to bring a clip to attach the kite string to Oliver's pants, so we improvised and used Penny instead. She was quite the attraction walking around flying a kite by herself :)
Boxes and plastic eggs make great toys!
showing Oliver how the game works
Easter kiss for Elliott

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter eve and my birthday!

Here are pictures from our day! I woke up to Oliver saying "Happy Birthday Mommy!", in bed. Then I went to crossfit while Nick took the boys to coffee. I rushed home just in time to make it to the Easter egg hunt at the community center near our house. The boys had a blast and we topped that off with egg dying and lawn mowing at home. Nick made a delicious salmon dinner and Oliver finished the night off by stuffing himself full of birthday chocolate. It was a good day!
someone was soo excited to be at the easter egg hunt!
Elliott couldn't wait to get out of Daddy's arms
and Oliver tried escaping under the tape a few times
Finally, the hunt was on!
Elliott was really into it!
but it was over in a matter of seconds
examining their loot

if you look closely you can see their matching bunny shirts from Gramma!
Oliver had been waiting all day to do this!
and Elliott can't believe we're going to let him play with bowls full of colored water

boys and the birthday girl!
after mowing the lawn, Oliver wanted his shirt off like Daddy
muscle picture!
such a strong boy!

Friday, March 29, 2013


Spring has finally arrived in Seattle and the boys really love spending their days outside. Here are a few photos from yesterday at the playground and in our backyard. We finished the day up with a a balance bike ride (Oliver) around Green Lake and we were thrilled that he made the almost three mile ride in just about an hour with only one snack stop.
hanging out on their picnic table together
he's all smiles now that he's feeling better
not so sure about Oliver's arm around him :)
he loves the merry-go-round

and they even play together in the sandbox!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

15-month-old plays T-ball!

After watching Oliver play ball the night before, Elliott thought he would give T-ball a try :)

Elliott - month 12 video

Here are a few clips from November/December, including Elliott's first birthday!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

February 2013 pics

I am way, way behind on blog posts, pictures and videos, and I hope to catch up soon! Here are some pictures from February that I'm just now getting around to posting. The boys are growing up so fast, and Elliott especially is turning into a toddler so quickly that you can't blink for a second!

Getting ready for a chilly walk!

Showing off his love for the food processor :)
some brotherly love:
umm, until Elliott tries to eat Oliver's foot
They love to play behind the red chair. . .

Which apparently involves licking tongues as well!

And a few shots of Penny and I at the KIRO radio station (we'll be back again this weekend!)