Saturday, June 22, 2013

swim lessons

Oliver had his first swim lessons this week without having a parent in the water. This was a big step for him, especially since it's been over a year since the last time he has taken a lesson. We went to a great outdoor pool (which are hard to come by in Seattle) and he had a great week. He made a lot of progress and went from not wanting to get into the water on the first day, to not wanting to get out on the last day. I'm going to sign him up for one more session next month, and I'm hoping I can get Elliott into a class as well.
kicking on the wall
out for a swim with teacher Lewis
reaching for the flags
look at that smile, he loved it!
and he was so proud of his report card he received at the end of the week


The boys finished up their coop preschool for the summer the first week of June. I didn't take many (or even any) pictures during the year so I figured I better snap some on their last day. They'll both start back up in September and the preschool is moving to a new location about a block from our house. Talk about convenient!
Elliott loves to wash his hands now that he is tall enough to reach the sink
he also loves to rock in the boat
and ride little bikes

Oliver especially loves the tricycles
look at that big smile
He's laughing because he's trying to ride fast enough to get away from me before I can take his picture

One thing they will both miss is walking past the fire station on our way to and from preschool. The firemen are so nice and often invite the boys inside to sit in the trucks.
Oliver holds his beloved Chester the raccoon. He's helping me prepare snack.
play-dough eyes

helping teacher Jennifer build a structure. Oliver is actually just hanging around because he wants to knock it down.
picking up dominoes
snack time

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful fathers out there! We got to spend the day with two of the best, my own Dad and Nick! We had a relaxed morning at home and a little Father's Day party in the evening at our house which included Bapa, Jim and Cynthia, and Gramma!
Oliver helps Daddy open his presents
Nick got this awesome shirt and wore it all day :)
Daddy and the gang
take 2
And here is what the World's Greatest Dad looks like:

It was a beautiful day!

And this is my favorite picture of the day! It pretty much sums up our bedtime routine. And you can tell it is so normal for us because Penny sleeps right through it.

Friday, June 7, 2013

18 months

This little man is 18 months today! He is becoming such a fun little man and we love him more and more each day! Here are 18 facts about Elliott:
1. He weighed in at 25lbs this morning
2. He loves to climb, including up to his brother's bunk bed, yikes!
3. His favorite animals are dogs and horses
4. His favorite book is "Choo Choo" by Virginia Lee Barton
5. His favorite vegetables are brussels sprouts!
6. His favorite snack is pemmican
7. His favorite song is "Little Red Caboose" which he learned at preschool
8. He loves books and almost always has one in his hand
9. He says "mama" for me, but instead of saying "dada" for Nick, he just calls him "Nick"
10. He's a runner, as in he likes to run away from me
11. He loves to play in the water table, or with any water he can get his hands on
12. He would prefer to drink out of Penny's water bowl instead of his cups
13. He loves most food, in general. I think he out-eats his big brother most nights
14. He is still nursing
15. He still sleeps with me, and Oliver usually joins us in bed at some point in the middle of the night
16. He loves to brush his teeth (hopefully this one sticks around for a while :)) If you mention teeth brushing he will drop whatever his is doing and run to the bathroom. I honestly think he just likes to dip his toothbrush into the tooth powder (we don't use paste) and play with the running tap water.
17. He loves grapes and is so happy that the organic ones are back in season. I have a hard time keeping them in stock!
18. We just love him to pieces! He is such a joy and growing and learning so much every day. He and his big brother play so well together (although he is not great at taking directions from Oliver yet) and that is a lot of fun to watch. He's going to be two before we know it!

And just for fun, here is a picture of what Oliver looked like at 18 months:

May 2013 - phone pictures

I capture more of our day to day activity with my phone since I always have it on me. The camera isn't the greatest, but the memories are!
Penny rests under a very tiny tree
Oliver shows off his amazing elephant!
the boys practice on the rowing machines after Nick and I finish up with crossfit
Oliver really knows how to maximize the load for his forklift
story time with Uncle
Penny gets into toys at the dog training center while I teach
May was mostly full of sun, but we did have a few rainy days
and the boys were thrilled to put on their rain gear
Elliott works on Nick's computer while Nick is napping
grocery shopping
Penny shares her bed with the boys
firemen walking to the playground
Oliver moves to his top bunk!
a sweet sleeping baby is what I get to wake up to
and one morning I woke up to this next to me in bed