Saturday, June 22, 2013


The boys finished up their coop preschool for the summer the first week of June. I didn't take many (or even any) pictures during the year so I figured I better snap some on their last day. They'll both start back up in September and the preschool is moving to a new location about a block from our house. Talk about convenient!
Elliott loves to wash his hands now that he is tall enough to reach the sink
he also loves to rock in the boat
and ride little bikes

Oliver especially loves the tricycles
look at that big smile
He's laughing because he's trying to ride fast enough to get away from me before I can take his picture

One thing they will both miss is walking past the fire station on our way to and from preschool. The firemen are so nice and often invite the boys inside to sit in the trucks.
Oliver holds his beloved Chester the raccoon. He's helping me prepare snack.
play-dough eyes

helping teacher Jennifer build a structure. Oliver is actually just hanging around because he wants to knock it down.
picking up dominoes
snack time

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