Friday, June 7, 2013

May 2013 - phone pictures

I capture more of our day to day activity with my phone since I always have it on me. The camera isn't the greatest, but the memories are!
Penny rests under a very tiny tree
Oliver shows off his amazing elephant!
the boys practice on the rowing machines after Nick and I finish up with crossfit
Oliver really knows how to maximize the load for his forklift
story time with Uncle
Penny gets into toys at the dog training center while I teach
May was mostly full of sun, but we did have a few rainy days
and the boys were thrilled to put on their rain gear
Elliott works on Nick's computer while Nick is napping
grocery shopping
Penny shares her bed with the boys
firemen walking to the playground
Oliver moves to his top bunk!
a sweet sleeping baby is what I get to wake up to
and one morning I woke up to this next to me in bed

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