Monday, September 23, 2013

how to wear a hat (uncle style)

Whenever my boys put on a hat with a bill in front, they always put it on sideways or backwards, because they say that is how Uncle wears his hats :) Here Elliott demonstrates how to put on an engineer hat properly. At one point Nick goes in to help but then realized Elliott didn't need any. And yes, his face is messy! He had just eaten blueberries, had a runny nose, and fell on his face a few days ago so he has some scabs from that.

there, he got it!


If there is one thing by boys love to do in the Bay Area, it's by far riding trains! They love the steam trains in Tilden Park and BART. I think we topped out at 6 rides on the steam trains and two on BART. I love how Oliver always wears his engineer outfit, no matter what kind of train he is on.

sitting on the engine after the ride
enjoying the view

mommy and e
admiring the scenery
engineer in training
three cute kiddos
Gramma and her friends

in his engineer clothes again!

a smack for Uncle?
two peas in a pod
Uncle and his nephews!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

preschool, week 2

A few pictures of the boys on our way out the door one morning last week. They are wearing matching outfits made by Gramma! Aren't they the cutest?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

first day of preschool, 2013

My attempt at a few quick pictures before we headed out the door to their first week of preschool this morning. They were so excited! At co-op this year Oliver will go three days a week (with me in the classroom for one of those days) and Elliott goes one day per week (with me).

And now that the preschool has moved less than two blocks from our house, they love their new method of transportation :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

8 years ago. . .

I married this wonderful man! It has been a wonderful eight years! Looking forward to seeing him tomorrow! I have also been enjoying digging out a new photo to post on the blog each year :)

Monday, September 2, 2013


On Wednesday we drove across the old Bay Bridge for the last time before it closed in preparation of opening the new east span. Gramma took us to the new Exploratorium and we had a blast! I used to love the old one as a kid and the new one was much larger with many new exhibits. I don't even think we got through a quarter of it while we were there. Can't wait to go back with Nick sometime. He would love it!
Running around through the exhibits. You definitely need one adult per child here, at least when the children are 1 and 3.
they loved this basketball game
no need to wear the distortion goggles, they had enough trouble making a basket without them :)
the sound area was a hit!
and so was the marble wall
they even had an outdoor area, and the boys loved the golden gate bridge model
I'm not sure it was meant for climbing
but it was the perfect size for Elliott

Sunday, September 1, 2013

high school friends

I met Julina in eighth grade. We stayed friends through college even though we were (and still are) on opposite coasts and were in each others' weddings. This week I got to meet her adorable daughter, Sasha! And Julina got to meet Elliott for the first time. So exciting! And it really makes me wish we didn't live so far apart.