Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! 2013

More pictures to come.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October fun

Thought I would post a few unseen pictures from the fun we have been having! October is definitely a fun month, with Oliver's birthday, many friends' birthdays, family visits and Halloween.

Pumpkin decorating was an activity at Oliver's birthday party, and he got very busy decorating for several days after his party. I think he decorated over ten pumpkins.

cute fussy photo of E
playing iPad with Gramma
opening presents
Daddy with the cake!
farm field trip with preschool
he harvested his own carrot!
These shots crack me up. What you can't see very well is Oliver inside controlling the leftover pinata head from his party. Elliott is trying to take a good whack at it!

Sunday, October 27, 2013


New hats arrived a few days ago from Nick's aunt Nancy! Adorable (the boys and the hats)!

Elliott's hat reminds me of this song:

Harvest Festival at Swansons

For as much as we go to Swansons Nursery, we somehow have never been there during the month of October and were unaware of their Harvest Festival until we went on a field trip there with Elliott's preschool class. The kids had so much fun that Nick took the boys again yesterday. 

The hay maze was a blast!

matching shirts made by Gramma!
They planted pansies in pumpkins!

We took a tractor ride:

They made a veggie car and raced it down a track:

And Elliott hung out in a pumpkin:

They even got to watch them working on the Christmas train display.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

costume party!

I can't believe it's been two weeks since Oliver's birthday party! The costume party was his idea, along with his costume - Santa, and the Easter Bunny pinata he picked out :) My newly turned four year old loves Christmas and Santa more than anyone I know, so it was really no surprise when he chose his costume. And thanks to Gramma he ended up with a handmade adorable outfit. I decided the rest of the family should follow Oliver's theme, so Nick, Elliott and I dressed up as elves. Penny was out hiking during the party but I did order her some reindeer antlers for Halloween in case she wants to wear them.

 The party was a blast and everyone had a good time. We came up with some fun Halloween-themed food and it was so much fun to see the kids in costumes. And thank you as always to our friend Jason Meert for taking most of the amazing pictures below!

Happy 4th, Oliver!

my favorite food plate, ghost bananas and pumpkin satsumas!

Mr. Santa himself!
my dad, as a slice of Pizza

little pumpkin decorating activity
this was probably the best activity at the party
Trixi as autumn
monster cupcakes! I wanted to make mummies but Oliver wanted chocolate frosting
family photo
helping himself to the snack table

cupcake time!

paleo chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting - yum!
Elliott's first cupcake
a skeleton
and fairy
Kaila with huge hair!
taking it all in
Jim Baer was a construction man - creative

pinata time

the end result

saying goodbye to his best friend Harvey
and his girlfriend Mallory
present time!
a race car!