Saturday, June 28, 2014

new slide

These guys are seriously the cutest! Our neighbor gave us this slide when he remodeled his backyard recently (his kids are in high school now) and Nick built a temporary support for it so the boys can use it.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Here are a few pictures of the boys enjoying some outside play a few weeks ago while I was trying to get some photos for father's day cards.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


art camp 2014

The boys just finished up a week at art camp and had a blast! This was Elliott's first camp experience and he definitely enjoyed having his older brother around. Oliver's was also very happy that his best friend/neighbor Charley was at the camp with them. It was just two hours every morning and they came home each day with many fun projects. All of these pictures were taken by the art teacher during the week.

Oliver and Charley

bunnies in the classroom! the gray one was named Oliver!

cheering on the dance party
some of their projects! picture frames and stepping stones

Sunday, June 15, 2014

happy father's day

Happy Father's Day to the most wonderful husband and father! He spent the weekend camping with Oliver and then came home to a remote control helicopter from Elliott. I love the expressions on their faces.

 Getting attacked with goodnight kisses!

muscles, preschool and parks!

Here are some pictures and videos from the past week. 

First up, Penny is turning into a lap dog! This is how I spend most evenings while working.

Here are some photos from Elliott's last day of preschool. This is his friend Lucas. Their birthdays are nine days apart, and the last photo I have of the two of them together is when they were just about a month old.

Elliott and his teacher, Gwen. They wore matching shirts on the last day of class.
trying (unsuccessfully to give Lucas a hug)
Playground fun!

Trying on a new shirt from Gramma

And new swim trunks

And now for the videos of the week:
Big muscles
All aboard!
Oliver's 4th (15 min) swim lesson. Such a big improvement from his first one just a week prior.
And the beginning of Elliott's second lesson:

Saturday, June 14, 2014

last day of preschool pictures (2013-2104 school year)

The boys were in a bit of a crazy mood when I tried to snap these pictures on Thursday morning before we left the house for their last day of preschool this year. Below is a comparison to the first day of school back in September, and I just cannot believe how much the both have changed!
Here are the rest of my attempts. I love all of Elliott's muscle pictures :) Muscles are a hot topic amongst the boys right now, and they have decided that Oliver has the biggest muscles in the family, followed by Elliott, then Nick, and finally me! It may be time to step up my crossfit training.

He told me today that he would be adorable when he was an adult. Duh!

this is a funny face that Nick makes all the time, and now Oliver copies it perfectly

huge muscles!
he says they are bigger than mine!
so strong!