Saturday, June 14, 2014

last day of preschool pictures (2013-2104 school year)

The boys were in a bit of a crazy mood when I tried to snap these pictures on Thursday morning before we left the house for their last day of preschool this year. Below is a comparison to the first day of school back in September, and I just cannot believe how much the both have changed!
Here are the rest of my attempts. I love all of Elliott's muscle pictures :) Muscles are a hot topic amongst the boys right now, and they have decided that Oliver has the biggest muscles in the family, followed by Elliott, then Nick, and finally me! It may be time to step up my crossfit training.

He told me today that he would be adorable when he was an adult. Duh!

this is a funny face that Nick makes all the time, and now Oliver copies it perfectly

huge muscles!
he says they are bigger than mine!
so strong!

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