Wednesday, June 11, 2014

swimming, ice cream and sunshine!

As usual, we had a pretty eventful week. The beginning of June brought us some sun and warm weather, which means ice cream, swimming, and lots of time outside. Here's a little of what we were up to last week (lots of videos at the end):

I found these "Paleo" ice cream cones at Value Village. Oliver had been asking for some the day before (ice cream cones that weren't made out of food) and it turns out they exist!

Oliver's preschool took a field trip to the beach and he found a starfish!
Oliver rode his bike a lot, he probably averages two miles a day.
Elliott likes to collect dandelions on our walks :)
Oliver asked me to paint his toenails for the first time, and he was quite excited by the result. Elliott, too, wanted his painted and they love to show off their toes when they are barefoot.
Cuties in the bath (this was after we convinced Oliver that his toenail polish would not wash off)!
A summery look on his way to school
Bouncing fun at the playground

Penny and I made our monthly appearance on It's Raining Cat's and Dogs on KIRO radio.
The boys have a weekly tradition of eating really long fruit leathers from the farmer's market.
We even stopped at a new(ish) ice cream store on our way home from the market that sells coconut milk ice cream. They approve!

I love this picture of the boys swimming in Lake Washington with Nick. The boys had a birthday party and it was amazing to see how much more comfortable Oliver was in the water after just two private swim lessons.

The boys have been really into seeing videos of themselves, so here are a bunch of short clips from the week as well:
Here is Oliver's first private swim lesson at Swim Guru. I am shocked with how much he accomplished in a short amount of time. He learned next to nothing in the group lessons we took last summer and wouldn't even willingly put his head under water. 

They made this goofy video for Gramma:

The audio didn't work for some reason, but here is a clip of Oliver riding home from the library (about a mile uphill):

 Oliver and his adorable toes. One of my favorite videos of him!

Elliott sings his favorite song (Run Baby Run by Caspar Babypants):

This temporary fence that Nick put up isn't quite cutting it:

They obviously love the playground:
And finally, Oliver dunks himself in the lake:

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  1. omg! I love the boys' little toesies! I once left my son with a babysitter and came back to find that she painted his toenails hot pink with sparkles. He was five at the time and from ages 5 to 14 me and him would get our toes done in color. His dad also joined us and has had his toes constantly polished for almost two decades when I first painted his when we were in college. A family who polishes together, stays together.