Thursday, April 17, 2014


Happy birthday to my favorite pup! I sure can't believe you are seven already! Where has the time gone? You have changed my life in so many wonderful ways. You have helped me learn to become a dog trainer, and help me discover my love for training. We have taught classes together, filmed commercials, shot magazine covers, appeared on a local morning TV show together, and appear monthly on a local radio program. Until you joined our family, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would do any of those things! The best part is watching how much fun you have while doing those activities. Your hardest job is probably living with two crazy little boys, but you make it work! It helps that they are messy eaters and let you lick their plates. Happy Birthday Miss P. We love you!

Sunday, March 30, 2014


And just like that, the open is over! Nick and I completed our last open workout, 14.5, on Friday night. The workout was for time: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps (84 of each) of thrusters, 95 / 65 lbs and burpees. Let's just say burpees are not Nick's favorite exercise. I don't mind the cardio/body weight movements as much, and it looks like I did well enough in this workout, and the other previous ones, that I may qualify for a spot on the team if our team makes it to regionals. Here are some clips of the workout:

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Here is last week's workout! This one was the longest so far at 14 minutes, which I enjoyed. It also had a variety of movements: rowing, toes to bar, wall balls, power cleans and muscle ups. I can't do muscle ups yet, so my goal was to get through the power cleans (180 reps), which I did. Nick is really good at muscle ups yet he didn't think he would make it in time. It turns out he had time for five, so he was thrilled with that. Here are some clips:

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Last week's workout was an interesting one for sure. Due to the amount of deadlifts, which make for very sore backs, it wasn't a workout that could be repeated in the short time period.  There are a lot of things I would have done differently a second time around, so I was a little disappointed by this. One interesting thing about this workout is that they allowed box step ups, in place of box jumps. This is pretty unusual as typically you must always jump onto the box, but may step down. I had a friend time me before the workout and it turned out that I was actually faster at step ups, than jumps, so that is what I did. Step ups also allow you to be more accurate and to breath better than box jumps.

Nick was also out of town and completed the WOD a different day than I did, so I wasn't able to get any footage of him doing it. He finished with 100 reps and I finished with 114.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

first haircut!

I finally took Elliott to get his first haircut today. With the older boys out of town, it seemed like a good "date" for just the two of us. I have been putting this off for as long as possible because I just loved his wispy little curls, which I know will never come back. But Elliott had been ready for a while, he had been asking for a haircut for a few months now, and was always pushing his hair out of his face, especially while running or being active. He was so excited for the appointment and talked about it all morning until it was time to go. He was amazing, sat very still and didn't seem bothered by much at all, except the little pieces of hair falling on his face. He also didn't mind that he got to watch Thomas movies the whole time :) Now I just have to get used to a little boy that looks much older with his new, handsome haircut.

A few before pictures:

too much cuteness!
going to miss that hair!
At the salon:


And a few photos at home to show off the new do! Such a ham and definitely living up being an only child for the moment.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Here is a bit of footage from our second 2014 Open competition, 14.2. The rep scheme was a bit complicated on this one, where you start with three minutes of time to complete a certain number of reps, and can only continue for an additional three minutes if you meet the rep requirements, and this continues until you can no longer meet the requirements in any given three minute period. Nick and I both made it into our third three-minute round, finishing with 121 and 117 reps, respectively.


Sunday, March 2, 2014


Nick and I competed in our first Crossfit Open workout this weekend and we recorded a bit of our workouts. A new workout (WOD) is posted every week for five weeks, and you have from 5pm Thursday to 5pm Monday to complete it, and you must have a judge to score you. Then you can log your score on and compare it to the 200,000 people worldwide who will also be doing the same workout. This weekend we completed the first workout, 14.1, which was a 10 minute AMR (as many rounds as possible) of 30 double unders and 15 snatches (55/75lbs). We both did the workout twice, once on Friday night and then again today to see if we could improve our scores. It was definitely worth it for us to do it a second time as both of our scores went up by more than 20 reps. Nick went from 225 to 248 and I went from 268 to 304.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Oakland Zoo

We had just one day during our trip to California where both boys were healthy (though Elliott was still pretty worn out) so we took a quick trip to the Oakland Zoo. I haven't been since I was little so it was fun to see what has stayed the same/changed since then. And of course, the main reason for going was for a ride on the zoo train. Uncle accompanied us and we finished the day off with a stop at his apartment where the boys got to sit on his motorcycle.
brushing a goat! Elliott was so brave and would walk up to just about any goat
Oliver kept his hands jammed in his pockets :)

taking a rest by the alligator tank
found a very slow moving slide
and Oliver had great fun pushing his brother down it!

the second hit of the day, Uncle's motorcycle

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Binny & Grampy's house

Well, my trip with the boys to California didn't quite turn out as planned. The night we arrived, both boys woke me up vomiting. I then spent the next seven days cleaning up vomit, not exactly how I had hoped to spend our short trip. We did manage to see Great Binny and Great Grampy at the end of our trip, and even though Elliott was still a bit under the weather, both boys had a great time!
the sliding door is always fun to play with
this car has been around since I was a kid, but the tape holding the horn together was very bothersome to E
Lego time!

Winston pic!

I just love this photo of E playing with the newly built Lego forklift.

Apparently Legos are just more fun to play with while lying on the ground.

Oliver was thrilled to see the assortment of strawberries and grapes on the table. He has been waiting for these fruits to come back into season and helped himself frequently to them.
mouthful of strawberries, wearing Grampy's Boeing hat, a gift from Nick!

quick group shot

the best (great) grandparents anyone could ask for!

And this little guys mustered up the energy to try riding a tricycle, and succeeded at pedaling for the first time!