Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter eve and my birthday!

Here are pictures from our day! I woke up to Oliver saying "Happy Birthday Mommy!", in bed. Then I went to crossfit while Nick took the boys to coffee. I rushed home just in time to make it to the Easter egg hunt at the community center near our house. The boys had a blast and we topped that off with egg dying and lawn mowing at home. Nick made a delicious salmon dinner and Oliver finished the night off by stuffing himself full of birthday chocolate. It was a good day!
someone was soo excited to be at the easter egg hunt!
Elliott couldn't wait to get out of Daddy's arms
and Oliver tried escaping under the tape a few times
Finally, the hunt was on!
Elliott was really into it!
but it was over in a matter of seconds
examining their loot

if you look closely you can see their matching bunny shirts from Gramma!
Oliver had been waiting all day to do this!
and Elliott can't believe we're going to let him play with bowls full of colored water

boys and the birthday girl!
after mowing the lawn, Oliver wanted his shirt off like Daddy
muscle picture!
such a strong boy!

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