Sunday, July 29, 2012

pictures from the week: 7/22-7/28

first time swimming, at the Greenlake wading pool
hanging out in our front grass
how sweet
if you enlarge the picture you can see avocado all over Elliott's face, it's just as good as a moisturizer as it is to eat!
wearing Oliver's shades
and loving it!
bumper boats at the Boeing company picnic yesterday
Oliver riding in the lion car with daddy on a "train" tractor. We thought it was boring, but he loved it, and because everything was free at the Boeing picnic, he rode it at least 10 times.
sucking on my necklace at the picnic
excited to play guitar with daddy again!
Elliott is thrilled, Nick, not so much :) It's a bit hard to play anything with a 7-month old helping out.
concentrating on where to put his fingers
this kid loves his daddy's guitar! He actually cries when Nick puts them away.

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