Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Hope you all had a great day! The weather was beautiful up here! We spent lots of time in the sun, followed by two parties in the evening. Oliver could not have been happier with the scissor lifts that Jim rented for their backyard. They went a bit higher than the ones he usually gets, probably 36-40 feet, but that didn't stop Oliver. He instantly assumed the position of lift operator, and gave everyone, individually, a ride to the top and back down. He must have gone up more than 20 times.

Oliver is always amazing me with his memory. When I asked him if he remembered the scissor lifts from last year, he told me that he did, and that they were blue. Then he showed me where the fireworks would be. He was only 1 1/2 last year and I don't think he even knew his colors then. Amazing!
hitting a pinata for the first time at Tessa's house
Elliott's first 4th! All decked out in red, white and blue!

scissor lift time!
taking daddy up!
very high up!
in case you are wondering, this is what the view looks like from up there
Mommy's turn
family photo on the hammock
I left early to be with Penny during the fireworks and to put Elliott to bed. Apparently this happened after I left:

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