Friday, July 6, 2012

boats and hiking

The Center for Wooden Boats had their annual wooden boat festival over Fourth of July weekend.Nick and Oliver went on Sunday and had a blast. They were giving free sail boat rides, which Oliver loved (despite the look on his face in the pictures below). Oliver also made his own wooden boat to take home. Next year I think I'll tag along.

We also went on our first real family hike over the long weekend. We went to Twin Falls, on of our favorite places because it's fairly close by, it's a quick hike (Nick and I can do it in two hours without kids) and there is plenty of water for Penny. Here are a few pictures:
Penny climbs a big rock! Oliver called her "mountain goat" for the rest of the day.
and then he wanted to climb it as well.

our little mountain goat
hiking! Oliver surprised us by hiking about 2/3 of the way, which means Nick didn't really need the backpack for him. Next time he'll just put Oliver on his shoulders when he gets tired.
on the big bridge, over the waterfalls
snack break!
photo by Oliver
our attempt at a self-family photo
off to find chipmunks with Penny, they were equally excited by them!
and I promised Oliver a few pictures of them
exploring a smaller bridge

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