Monday, July 20, 2009

Stinson Beach

We spent the afternoon at Stinson Beach today with my mom and her aussies Sula and Kai. It was a gorgeous day and the dogs slept the entire way home. Here are a few pictures:

Family picture, Penny is busy watching the seagulls

I love the beach! I wish the state of Washington would let dogs on the beach!

Chuck-it thrower

After two hours, she still can't get enough of that ball!

Kai, Penny, and Sula

Running in a circle

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  1. Nice pictures! Washington does have a great off leash beach -- Long Beach. I love it there (okay, the dogs love it more)! My folks live in Chinook so it's not far from there. The town is very dog friendly so you should check it out.

    and Breda and Tilburg too