Wednesday, October 31, 2012

carving pumpkins 2012

We carved our pumpkins Saturday afternoon and used a few new techniques. The first big time saver was this pumpkin gutter drill attachment that I bought last year after we spent what seemed like forever cleaning out our pumpkins. Nick was a bit skeptical at first, but in the end he loved it! It basically looks like an egg beater that you stick on the end of a drill and it loosens all the string and seeds from the inside of the pumpkin walls. After a few minutes, you simply turn the pumpkin upside down and everything falls out. Genius! The second tool we used was a drywall knife which has many little teeth on it. Nick carved the pumpkins so fast with the knife that I could barely keep up with the patterns!
Elliott had a great time playing with all the pumpkin scraps. Oliver preferred to watch and direct the carving. After Nick had carved a train into his (at his request), he decided that he wanted a dog face as well. The night before we found a stray dog named Smiles and two of our pumpkins ended up with Smiles' face on it :) Here are a few pictures of our pumpkins!
Two cute boys!
pumpkin drilling
Oliver watches as Nick carves out a train on Oliver's pumpkin
enjoying the pumpkin scraps
he really got the hang of it

I'm not sure this kind of pumpkin is for eating!
Oliver took a few pictures as well, it's so nice to have a backup photographer now :)

The finished pumpkins! Two dog faces and a cat and moon.

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