Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Oliver!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet Oliver! I can't believe you are three already!

We had a wonderful, fun-filled family day, and Nick was able to take the day off from work to spend with his birthday boy. Oliver made all the decisions for the day, from the activities, to dinner and dessert, and even our dinner guests! He is at the perfect age for birthdays and holidays, because everything is so exciting to him! As birthday presents from friends and family have been trickling in, he's been busy getting into birthday mode all week! And with his party this coming Saturday, he still has a few more days to enjoy the special attention.

The morning started when he woke up at almost the exact time he was born, 6:43am. I left three balloons waiting for him outside his door, which he promptly took upstairs to show Nick, who happened to be on a conference call to Russia. Because Nick wasn't listening to him talk excitedly about his balloons, he wandered back downstairs to find a present for him on the table. This is when I dragged myself out of bed and as soon as Nick finished his call, he joined us while we watched Oliver open two presents. Then we ate his current favorite breakfast, veggies and bacon. Before leaving for the morning I made his chocolate cake (at his request) and we put together the pulled pork for dinner in the crock pot (also his request). We headed to our neighborhood fire station, as Oliver had decided that was the first place he wanted to go. Unfortunately they got a call just as we were pulling up so we didn't get a tour, but at least he got to see the truck pulling away. Next stop was the monorail downtown, which we rode to Seattle Center and spent a few hours at the Pacific Science Center. We stopped at Whole Foods for lunch on our way home and then came home to a birthday present from Oma on our front porch. After opening and playing with more presents, he finally went down for a birthday nap. When he woke up, my friend, or according to Oliver, his best friend, Kaila and dog Zartan came over for a birthday dinner. More presents were opened and played with, and dinner was served followed by three desserts: chocolate cake, pumpkin ice cream, and chocolate ice cream. After desert, Nick and Oliver took a quick trip around the block so Oliver could test drive two of his gifts, see pictures below!
Excited to be on the monorail, and examining his ticket
my attempt at a group photo of the three of us (Nick was parking the car at Seattle Center, where we met him after our ride)
snack time on a bench
Nick, trying to keep Oliver from growing up so fast!

opening a present from Uncle Ev, bike lights!
and very, very excited to open his motorcycle helmet!
testing out the helmet and adjusting his new lights
VROOM, VROOOM! he says
test drive around the block
the red and white lights are Oliver's bike
and trying on his new white tank top, just like Daddy's, before bedtime
Happy Birthday Oliver! We love you so much and are so excited to see you grow and turn into the little person that you are!

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