Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oliver's 3rd birthday party - construction zone

Oliver's third birthday party was a blast today! He chose the theme - construction and diggers, and I spent most of last night decorating the house and making food. No one seemed to notice that all of the food was grain/gluten/dairy free :)

The highlight of the party was Jim Baer's dump truck, filled with sand and toys for the kids to dig in. I was a little worried that we wouldn't be able to do this because rain was in the forecast all day but luckily the weather cooperated for us. Oliver would have been so sad had it not worked out as he has been telling everyone about the sand that was going to be in the dump truck.

I tried to scale the party down a bit from previous years and we invited fewer people. Oliver had a wonderful time and was especially happy to have his Gramma in town for the big day. It was also the first time that Jim Baer has ever been in town for one of his birthday parties, and it was a good thing too! I'm not sure where I would have found a real dump truck without him!

Oliver ended the party with a quick jam session with my friend Katie's husband, Jesse. The video is at the end of this post and I wish I had recorded longer because Oliver started belting out every Caspar Babypants tune that he knew after I stopped.
some of the spread! missing were the bacon wrapped dates, which didn't last long
make your own trail mix station
cookies in a dump truck
Elliott tests out a toy, and a work bench full of hard hats
Oliver's hat
Gramma made beanbags!
for a beanbag toss!
one of the guests :)
hanging out with Daddy
playing with a saw
the babies enjoyed crinkling the hats
Oliver's favorite part
The two James'
Elliott let Jim hold him for a while!
the party out on the dump truck, see the huge pile of sand?
Oliver was in charge of  letting people on and off of the truck
blowing out candles, in a dump truck!
he couldn't wait for his brownie

my birthday boy!
hanging out with the infamous Jim Baer
and his best friend, Kaila!
And finally, his jam session!

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