Thursday, September 20, 2012

stand up paddle board yoga!

My friend Kaila and I bought Groupons for three stand up paddle board yoga classes (SUP yoga) out on the Puget Sound this summer. We have our last class tomorrow and we have been having a blast this week. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and during our class on Tuesday we were visited by a few seals. Nick has been bringing the boys down to the beach at the end of class to watch us come in. I would highly recommend it!
my headstand, not as hard as I thought it would be
Kaila during a zen moment in class
Me, paddling off into the sunset
me again
Kaila paddling off into the sunset
Kaila again
I gave Oliver a short ride on Tuesday, he loved it!
quick family photo, Elliott is staring at the bright green seaweed in the water


  1. they just dont have stuff like this in ohio! super awesome!!!

    1. guess you'll have to make a trip to seattle :)