Friday, September 7, 2012

9 months!

Elliott turned 9 months old today! We celebrated with a trip to Little Farm (pictures later) and some yummy grass-fed steak for dinner. The biggest changes this month are his teeth and eating! Once he passed the 8-month mark, he started sprouting some teeth (7 in about 2 weeks) and along with that came the ability to eat and swallow food much better. We had a really rough few days about a week ago with teething but now that they have all broken through the gums, he is much happier and back to his normal cheerful self.

He is definitely on the move now. His crawl is still more of an army crawl, but he can get to wherever he wants to go, quickly. He also loves to walk while holding my hands and has a hard time sitting still. Roughhousing is another new skill that he is quickly picking up on, and he enjoys throwing himself at Oliver and making a lot of noise to go with it.

We had to postpone his 9 month checkup since we're out of town, but he does weigh around 20lbs! He's a very healthy guy, with the cutest baby rolls you'll ever see!

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