Wednesday, September 5, 2012

golden gate bridge

The boys and I had a great time on Saturday at the Golden Gate Bridge with Gramma and Uncle! Oliver had been really looking forward to this trip ever since he found out that Grandpa Bruce worked at the bridge. All of the pictures were taken by Uncle Ev, except for the ones with him in it (I took those).

 Be prepared for a slew of pictures of the next week or so as I post our California adventures. It's always nice when there is someone besides me to take pictures of my kids.
Mr. O, dressed appropriately in his GGB sweatshirt.
a rare photo of Elliott and I, and also the answer to yesterday's post!
an even rarer photo of me with both boys!
it was a bit windy up there!
taking a picture of Oliver, taking a picture of me with Uncle's humongous camera (below):

a smile showing off his new teeth
best buds
someone wants to keep walking

I love this one! Oliver's little head peering down at the water.
posing at the first tower, which is as far as we walked with the boys.

the master photographer

The E's!
trying to get him to smile
it worked!

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