Saturday, September 8, 2012


We went hiking with some friends at the end of August to one of our favorite hiking spots, Twin Falls. I love it for many reasons, including that it's not too far away (about a 45 minute drive), the hike is short enough (3 miles) that Oliver can hike a good portion of it and we can get home before nap time and there is water throughout much of the trail, which is perfect for Penny. The only downside is that it seems to be everyone's favorite hike as it is frequently busy.

Jason and Charlie's kids, Rylan and Maylee are close in age to Oliver and Elliott. We had a great time hiking and thanks to Jason, we didn't have to take our own pictures! Enjoy!

ready for the hike in the Ergo
Oliver and Rylan climbing rocks
and walking across logs
a big rock
made it!
where's my snack?
family photo at the top
good girl, Penny
Elliott pees on trees too, just like his older brother
checking out daddy's shirt
Oliver gets a short break, thanks to daddy!
baby/toddler wearing at it's best!
I'm laughing because Elliott would wake up each time Jason tried to take this photo
finally asleep
cooling off in the river after the hike

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