Saturday, September 15, 2012


Nick's mom, Oma, met up with the kids and I for a trip to Fairyland in Oakland. I used to love the place as a kid and it was fun to take Oliver now that he's old enough to enjoy it. Not much has changed, although it definitely felt smaller than it did when I was little. Oliver especially loved the storybook key, which unlocks the key boxes to play music and stories.
unlocking the box inside the whale's mouth
with Oma
Oliver loved the bell on this sign
he called it his train and would say "all aboard!" as he rang the bell
the brick house belonging to the 3 Little Pigs
on a ship with Oma
hanging out in the grass
showing me his key
Oma, with both boys together, in the shade of a huge bamboo plant.
Alice in Wonderland maze
crooked house

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