Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Uncle Evan was visiting for the past 5 days, much to Oliver's delight! Oliver had a lot of fun running downstairs in the morning to wake him up and playing trains pretty much non-stop during his trip. Penny loved having an extra ball-thrower around the house too! He was also a big help to me by taking Oliver out during the day while I took care of Elliott. I was kind of hoping his flight would get cancelled due to the snow storm we are expecting, but the updated forecast says the big snow isn't coming until tomorrow morning. We did get enough snow this morning though for them to build a few snowmen for Oliver.
watching train videos on Evan's phone

getting ready for Jim Baer's 60th birthday party

nice hairdo!

but they settled on this
holding Elliott for the first time, but Elliott is not quite sure what to think of his uncle

he warms up quickly

and soon gives Evan a nice smile

an even bigger one!

he really likes his uncle!

playing duplo with Oliver

oops! maybe Oliver shouldn't play duplo while on the potty

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