Sunday, January 22, 2012


Jim Baer turned 60 last weekend and celebrated with parties all weekend long. Bapa and uncle Evan even flew in for the occasion. On Saturday Cynthia threw him a huge surprise party at a nice restaurant. On Sunday, his actual birthday, she had a small group of us over for more delicious food. I hear there was also a wine tasting event the following night. Here are some pictures Evan took at the gathering at their house:
There were enough people to entertain Oliver and Elliott that at times I found myself child-free and actually able to participate in an adult conversation.

birthday boy holding Elliott

Oliver will play iPad with anyone who owns one. I never thought my two year old would be into Angry Birds.

Nick enjoying a nice glass of wine

Bapa's shoulder must taste good!

being goofy

as always!

a rare photo of the two of us

Cynthia's mixer is one of Oliver's favorite things to play with at their house

lots of concentration to cut the birthday cake!

Oliver even brought his own candle to blow out!

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