Wednesday, January 18, 2012

snow day

Seattle got it's once-a-year snow storm today, bringing us a wonderful 5 inches of snow. Nick worked from home, Oliver played outside as much as we would let him, and I mostly stayed indoors taking care of Elliott. I did make it out for a walk later in the afternoon and it was just gorgeous. Too bad rain is coming tomorrow, boo!
Nick took the kiddos, Oliver and Penny out to the park

bundled up! Oliver has never worn so many layers before

walking in our backyard

Penny loves the snow!

building a snowman, Nick's first!

the snow was really dense, so it wasn't easy to do

best buds!

Penny played catch with snowballs in the backyard

and tried to eat the blueberry eyes!

all decked out in Oliver's safari hat and Nick's Boeing scarf

our Christmas lights under the snow, how cool!

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  1. looks fun! we have yet to get anywhere close to that much snow...