Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Grandma, or "Muh-muh" as Oliver calls her, left today after spending a wonderful 11 days with us! It was such a big help to have her around. She held Elliott in the early mornings while I slept and while I went to my first post-natal yoga class, played with Oliver and took him on fun little errands, bought Elliott a maple tree (picture coming soon) since Oliver got a tree when he was born, cooked many, many servings of freezer meals for us and even took Penny on an extra walk most days. Oliver (and the rest of us) were very sad to see her leave for the airport this afternoon. Luckily, uncle Evan flies in tomorrow and Oliver has been looking forward to seeing him. Uncle still hasn't met Elliott, who just turned 5 weeks old today!

I didn't remember to take my camera out very often (it's also much more difficult to take pictures when you always have a baby in your arms) but here are a few that I snapped of the fun the boys had with their Grandma.
Oliver's art class, and the project of the day happened to be making hand prints with finger paints, one of Oliver's favorites!

Elliott love to snuggle with Grandma

Crawling away! Oliver loves to crawl away from getting dressed in the morning. He tells us "crawl away, crawl away" and then proceeds to do so. It's so funny because he knows that it's not exactly the fastest way to get away from us.

more cuddling

the boys can't get enough of their Grandma

the best smile, ever! (at 5 wks)

playing with Grandma's hair is fun!

one last kiss

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