Sunday, March 2, 2014


Nick and I competed in our first Crossfit Open workout this weekend and we recorded a bit of our workouts. A new workout (WOD) is posted every week for five weeks, and you have from 5pm Thursday to 5pm Monday to complete it, and you must have a judge to score you. Then you can log your score on and compare it to the 200,000 people worldwide who will also be doing the same workout. This weekend we completed the first workout, 14.1, which was a 10 minute AMR (as many rounds as possible) of 30 double unders and 15 snatches (55/75lbs). We both did the workout twice, once on Friday night and then again today to see if we could improve our scores. It was definitely worth it for us to do it a second time as both of our scores went up by more than 20 reps. Nick went from 225 to 248 and I went from 268 to 304.

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