Thursday, June 28, 2012

CA part 1: great-grandparents

A day with Great Binny and Grampy! We spent an entire day at their house and had a wonderful time. Oliver loved the toy room and did a great job of spreading the toys all over the house. He also enjoyed napping in a room with hundreds of stuffed animals! We ate salmon and dark chocolate, and sipped kombucha. What could be better :)
The Winstons!
Great Binny and Elliott
Group photo, minus me
Oliver loved the toy room, and proceeded to bring all the toys into the livingroom.
Elliott and Great Grampy

After all of the picture taking, Oliver decided he wanted to take a few himself:
Here's one of Elliott
And an amazing group photo! We thought he was aiming the camera at the ground, but he actually got us all in the frame. We were up in the top right hand corner of the original picture, but it's not bad after a little cropping.

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