Thursday, June 7, 2012

Elliott is 6 months old!

Elliott celebrated his first half-birthday today! It's hard to believe how fast time is going by with two little ones. He's sitting now and just recently started up on all fours, so he'll be crawling before long. He's almost always a very happy little guy, although we have had a few bouts of teething pain, and he's starting to have some fear of strangers (really anyone other than Nick, Oliver or I). He loves to be held all the time so I still wear him for hours each day. We haven't really started much food with him, but he has enjoyed teething on the few vegetables and meat that he has sampled. His hair is definitely brown now! For a while, we weren't quite sure if he would be blond like his brother, but there's no questioning it now. His eyes are also much darker than Oliver's. He has his mama's coloring.
His six month check-up is next week so we'll find out just how big this little guys is!
We love you Elliott!

mmm, hands
trying to crawl!
always so happy!

how many rolls can you count on my arm?

blowing raspberries

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