Friday, June 29, 2012

CA part 2: trains

One of Oliver's favorite things about visiting the Bay Area is getting to ride the trains. We made sure he got plenty of rides in during this trip, 6 times on the Redwood Valley Railway steam trains in Tilden Park and twice on BART. We also made a trip to the Golden State Model Railroad Museum. This kid just can't get enough! Since we've been home, his ride-on airplane has served as a makeshift train with cardboard boxes as the cars. He'll ask me to ride on one of the boxes and then he's disappointed when he drives the airplane away and the boxes don't stay connected. He also walks through the house yelling "ALL ABOARD!".

and waiting. . .
finally it's here!

Steam Trains:

so excited to be sitting on the engine!
riding in one of the covered cars, directly in front of the caboose

And a random Thomas display:

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