Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November fun

Along with purchasing a new lens (Canon 50mm f/1.8) for my photography class this coming Saturday, we decided to also sell our old camera body and upgrade to a slightly newer one. They both arrived about two weeks ago and I have had fun playing around with the settings and the new lens. The lens is absolutely amazing in low light, which is perfect for Seattle winters. I haven't used the flash on the camera once. Here are some pictures of the fun we've been having.
happy about something!
the cutest dog ever
Nick's hat
Oliver loves to wear it
and it's a slight struggle if Nick ever wants to borrow it back. The problem is, Oliver has like 15 hats and Nick has a few, but this is the only one he can currently find.
on top of the slide I snagged for free on the side of the road
he loves it!
more Penny
not completely in focus, but it looks like Penny is trying to eat Oliver's face
he loves it when his daddy builds a "new track" as he calls it
since the lens has a fixed focal length my arm isn't quite long enough to fit us both in
my cutie
outdoor fun
ready to dig
in his dog hat

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