Friday, November 25, 2011

brussels sprouts

We made a roasted Brussels Sprouts dish (with shallots, bacon and chestnuts) to bring to Thanksgiving dinner last night. Jim Baer always has special requests, and for us, he wanted to make sure the Brussels Sprouts were shaved. We put Oliver in charge of that since he loves the food processor.
I need to be more careful when I give him instructions. I told him to just throw them in to the food processor, and he took me quite literally. Oops.
showing off a sprout
peeling, an extra step that Oliver decided to add in
And his favorite part, using the food processor. We had the slicing disk in. Notice how he can both hold the "on" button and press them in at the same time.
signing Jim Baer. he was very excited to show off his work.

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