Friday, October 21, 2011

my 2-year old

Oliver had his 2-year check up this week and he's happy that he doesn't have another one until he turns three. We switched doctors a few months ago to an office that has both a family physician and naturopathic doctor. And that's it actually, aside from the lady who sits at the front desk. It is so much nicer to go to a place where the doctor spends as much time with you as you need. I think she was with us for at least 45 minutes. She's also the one that gives the shots, measures, weighs, etc. Oliver is healthy as can be. He weighed in around 26lbs and 33.5 inches. I say around because he was so squirmy that he wouldn't sit still long enough to be weighed or have his height measured. We both ended up getting our flu shots too, so we'll be ready when the new baby arrives.

Here are a few more fun facts about my new 2-year old:
  • He's still nursing, once or twice per day at bedtime and/or when he wakes up. 2 years was my goal, so I'm happy we made it this far.
  • He recently discovered how to open the child-proofed drawers! So much for keeping him out of the pots and pans. He can now freely open every drawer in the house - time to find a better solution. Nick's engineer genes are responsible for this one :)
  • He's obsessed with money! Being a CPA, I suppose he got this from me :) He loves to put coins in his pocket and piggy bank and if you ask him if he wants one coin, he'll say "two!" and hold out both hands. 
  • A few of his favorite toys are his duplos, trains, and anything with small pieces and parts. He's very fascinated with small things and does quite well with them. He has even become an excellent hard boiled egg peeler. He is able to do simple two and three piece puzzles. His baby doll continues to accompany many of his daily activities as well.
  • He loves books. He enjoys going to the library every week to pick out and return them. The checkout process is a big hit with him. And I'm pretty sure he'd let us read forever if he never had to go to bed at night.
  • He is very comfortable at his friend Tessa's house. This is huge, because it means we have another place to drop him off, besides Jim and Cynthia's house. Tessa's mom and I have been doing some childcare swaps lately which has been really nice. And he has so much fun at their house that he ignores Nick and I when we come to pick him up.
Here are some pictures from our rainy day walk yesterday. He always has his wooden dog in tow!

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