Wednesday, October 12, 2011


It's not that often that I get to match Oliver's shoes to his clothes. In fact, it's never happened because until yesterday, he has never owned more than one pair of shoes at a time. But thanks to my friend Tracy, we now have two pairs (in different colors)in his current size. This means I can actually pick out his shoes to match his outfit. Yay! My friend joked that this is about as much matching as I'll get with two boys. Most of my friends have at least one girl, with tons of shoes, accessories, etc. to choose from. When I dress Oliver (on the days that he doesn't choose his own outfit) it's usually about picking out a shirt, and either jeans or khaki pants to go with it. That's it.

Today I had fun matching his yellow vest to the yellow highlights on his new shoes. Nick laughed at me later when I put a warmer (blue) jacket on him and also switched to his blue shoes. Luckily Oliver doesn't mind as he is happy to wear any of his new shoes.

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