Saturday, October 17, 2009

Week 1 Update

Our first week with Oliver went really well! And we are so in love with him! Every day he is more and more awake which is really fun. The last two nights he has slept in four hour segments at night, meaning we only have to get up once. One of his favorite things is taking naps with Nick and I. He sleeps so soundly when we're lounging in bed and makes the cutest faces when we try to wake him up.
Last night he met Jim and Cynthia for the first time, and today he made his debut at family coffee. We've ventured out for walks (weather permitting) and for errands a few times. Nick is planning on going back to work for a few days next week.
Cynthia and Oliver
Jim and Oliver (Jim is in the middle of telling me to make sure my Dad sees that Jim is holding Oliver before him!)
Sleeping on my arm
Tummy time
Penny and Oliver
One of his goofy sleep faces

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