Sunday, October 25, 2009

2 Week Update

Week 2 flew by! We can't believe how old he's getting! His umbilical cord fell of last Saturday, he's holding his head up a lot more now, and he's starting to smile :)
This past week he met his grandpa (Gregg) and his aunt (Shannon) for the first time. At family coffee we brainstormed "grandpa" names for my dad. I think it got narrowed down to "Grumps", but ultimately we'll have to see what Oliver decides to call him. My mom flew in Friday night so next week I'll have some pictures of Oliver with his Grandma.
Oliver and I went to a Mom & Baby yoga class on Thursday which was awesome! It is so much easier to do yoga since I'm no longer pregnant and it was fun to see other moms with their babies. At one day shy of two weeks, Oliver was the youngest baby there and slept through the whole class in his car seat.
Nick also got our radiant heat working! Yay! He has been working on the plumbing and wiring for it for the past few weeks during any spare time and my dad helped him run wires for the thermostat while he was here.
Here are some pictures from this past week:
Cracking a smile :)
Sucking his thumb for the first time
Oliver and Grandpa Gregg
Oliver in the Ergo carrier with Mommy
Oliver sucks on Nick's nose when he gets really hungry
And he likes it when people sing to him
Spending some skin to skin time with Daddy

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