Monday, October 12, 2009

Oliver, Days 1-3

We've been enjoying life with Oliver so much! He is such a cutie pie that it makes all the middle of the night diaper changes and feedings worth it. As long as we're holding him, or he's wrapped up in his Moby wrap, he's been pretty easy to take care of. The Moby wrap has been wonderful since it allows us to do things around the house with him comfortably tied to our chest. And it puts him right to sleep.

The weather here cooled down at least 10 degrees while we were in the hospital and our first night home was very cold since we don't yet have our heat working. Oliver spent much of the night with us since our body heat helped him stay warm. Yesterday Nick picked up a few heaters so our house is much more comfortable while he works on the heat. We also took our first outing with Oliver to run a few errands and took a short walk with Penny.

Typing is a bit difficult since I don't have two hands free while feeding Oliver so email and blog posts may be a bit slow. Feel free to call us anytime. We're up all day, and luckily Oliver can sleep through any noise so far, including Penny barking or squeaking her toys. And if you want to Skype us, just let us know.

Tomorrow Oliver has his first check-up. I'm guessing he hasn't lost much weight, if any, since he's far been exceeding the number of wet and poopy diapers he's supposed to be having.

Here are some pictures from the hospital and our first days at home.

Oliver and Mommy in the hospital
Proud Daddy holding Oliver
Baby's first brain scan! Actually this is Oliver getting his infant hearing test in the hospital. There are little probes attached to his head to scan the reactions his brain makes to little clicks played through earphones while he is sleeping. He passed all of his medical tests with flying colors!
Packed into the car seat and ready to leave the hospital!
Big kiss from Daddy!
Big sister Penny checking on Oliver while he naps
Oliver wide awake and looking so cute!

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