Saturday, September 13, 2014

blueberry picking 2014

At the end of August we did our annual blueberry picking at Bybee Farms in North Bend. This was the first year I was able to contribute a significant amount of berries to our haul since Elliott is now old enough to occupy himself. The boys were doing a great job of putting berries in their buckets until they tasted them. After that, the ones they picked went into their mouths and they stole from our buckets to fill theirs :) We ended up with a whopping 28.6 pounds of blueberries, nearly 10 pounds more than last year! The most amazing thing is that less than a month after bringing home and freezing these berries, they are nearly gone. We are down to our last bag of them in the freezer as the boys have been inhaling frozen blueberries by the bowlful everyday.
the bushes were really dense this year!
smiles from Oliver

our bounty

And here's a cute little video of Elliott saying "pick, pick, pick..." as he picks blueberries.

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