Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 ornaments

I think this may be the final photo post for 2013, yay! I still have videos to edit though so I'm not quite caught up. This year, after hearing about it from other families, we decided to start a new traditions of letting the boys pick out an ornament. They will each pick out their own every year, and I will take a picture of them with their ornament to keep a record of what they chose. When they move out and have a tree of their own, they can take all of their ornaments, along with the memories, with them. They were both so excited to pick out their ornament, and seemed to know exactly what they were looking for. Oliver picked out a felted snowman, and Elliott, a Lionel coal car train.


And here they are together, with their matching Thomas shirts:

 And a few more photos from Evan:

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