Thursday, December 26, 2013

the adventures of Colin, our elf

Our Elf on the Shelf, Colin, had quite a few adventures this year and he was a big hit with the boys. He finally received a name (Oliver had not cared about naming him in the past), and he was named after Oliver's preschool friend, Colin. Here is what he was up to:

Dec 1: He arrived with gifts for the boys
Dec 2: lighting a fire in our fire place
Dec 3: kite flying
Dec 4: violin concert
Dec 5: he showed up with a train shirt similar to ones that Gramma made for the boys.
Dec 6: Oliver made Colin a scarf, so Colin decided to make scarves for several friends
Dec 7: Dressed as an engineer for Elliott's train birthday party
Dec 8: He made a tunnel for the boys' train set
Dec 9: not feeling so well and sick in bed, but at least he brought his own Christmas bedding
Dec 10: he baked himself a slice of cake
Dec 11: flying through the house on a balloon
Dec 12: he decided to draw red noses all over our pictures on the wall
Dec 13: he fixed Oliver's paper chain that broke, and made an elf-sized one of his own
Dec 14: crossfit elf, working on his handstand push-ups
Dec 15: sore from crossfit and rolling out on a foam roller
Dec 16: swinging
Dec 17: Lion King
Dec 18: teepeed the tree!
Dec 19: stuck in a traffic jam
Dec 20: reading stories in his new Lego rocking chair
Dec 21: paper airplane ride
Dec 22: he spray painted and hung the snow flakes we made
Dec 23: test driving some new bike lights
Dec 24: He made quite the scene when he decided to fly in his tiny sleigh, with the help of Oliver's reindeer, Dasher.
We can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans he gets into next year!

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  1. Oh, Colin was soooo busy! Such fun he had in your home! I love December 24th...flying around pretending he was Santa!