Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas! We started our Christmas celebrations with light watching, Christmas movie watching and hot chocolate with peppermint sticks drinking last night as a family. Today we enjoyed a nice and mellow Christmas day at home and then went over to our friends Jess and Matt's house for dinner (with their two kids Tessa and Lucas). The morning involved slow present opening, brunch with Jim and Cynthia, more present opening, followed by play time before naps. I ran Penny down to the beach and let her run around while the boys slept, she and I both enjoyed the fresh air and exercise. Delicious food and good company for dinner made for a good end to the day. The kids also enjoyed the time with their friends this evening and different toys to play with. Now we are all pooped :)
Penny is the most impatient present opener ever! She even tried to sneak a gift early this morning. She looves to open presents.
Thrilled with his first ever candy cane (corn syrup free and organic of course).
waiting for more presents
getting some help from Penny
opening his stuffed Rudolph! This was his number one item on his letter to Santa.
completely in love

candy canes and hot chocolate for breakfast
savoring every lick
he didn't mind the breakfast either
Tree photos:

Nick was quite in to the kids' presents
Cynthia in her new apron
trying on brother's new headlamp

it matches Daddy's new shirt
pooped from all the excitement and present opening
pure cuteness
more cuteness
enjoying some off leash time at the beach

And for kicks, here's last year's photo!

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