Thursday, December 22, 2011


Elliott turned two weeks yesterday, an age that Oliver had been waiting for because we told him that Elliott's umbilical cord would fall off around this time and that he would then have a belly button that looked like his. Well, Elliott's cord actually fell off a week ago, but Oliver still points to his belly button and says "two weeks."

Since he is now two weeks old, we decided it was time for his first bath tonight. Rather than using the infant tub in the sink, Oliver and I hopped into the bathtub with Elliott. I must say Elliott enjoyed it way more than Oliver enjoyed his first bath in the infant tub two years ago. In fact, Elliott loved being in the bathtub. He was wide awake and practically smiling. It was special for me too, because the last time I sat in the bathtub with Elliott was right after he was born. Here are a few naked pics just before his bath. You can see that all of his wrinkles and extra skin are starting to fill out.

More pictures from the week later.

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