Thursday, December 15, 2011

elimination communication

We started elimination communication (EC) with Oliver when he was 5 weeks old after attending a class on the subject. You can read more about it in this post, that I wrote back in Nov 2009. Since we're now much more experienced, we decided to start it with Elliott at birth. So far it is going great! He's starting to go when we signal, and today he was 100% successful with poops! Quite an accomplishment for a little guy who is only 8 days old. Oliver enjoys helping out, and will often make the "Psssss" signal for him.
first potty attempt a few hours after birth
a few days later


  1. that is so cool you went to a class about it! i randomly read about it in a blog while i was pregnant. in fact that is how i found your blog: searching EC to find out more about others who did it!

  2. very cool! the class definitely wasn't very popular, there were maybe three couples there.