Saturday, December 17, 2011


Today is my due date and instead of being in labor, I'm writing this as my sweet and cuddly 10 day old son sleeps in my lap. I wanted to do a quick pregnancy recap, mostly for my own memories, since this was most likely my last.

Elliott's pregnancy was a wonderful experience for me. I thought Oliver's pregnancy and labor were easy, but somehow Elliott's were even easier. I was able to walk my 3 miles every day and continue my regular yoga classes until the end. I only ended up gaining 12 1/2 pounds (but managed to produce  a 7lb 6 oz baby 10 days early), no matter how much food I ate. I'm sure this contributed to a lot of my comfort during the pregnancy, and it was sure nice to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight the day I gave birth! I was also able to nurse my toddler throughout the pregnancy, without any trouble. My labor with Elliott was about twice as fast and far less painful than with Oliver and I think they were both considered pretty easy as far as labor is concerned. I certainly don't have much to complain about.

I was thrilled to have my home birth the second time around. It was such a wonderful experience, and so much more relaxing than being at the hospital. I even managed to have a water birth of my dreams, even though it was in my bathtub instead of the more comfortable labor tub (there wasn't enough time for the labor tub to be delivered during my labor). I loved the fact that Nick got to help catch Elliott and place him on my chest, and that I could sit in the bathtub as long as I wanted to, without having to cut the cord, or have my baby whisked away for cleaning and measuring. In fact, Elliot didn't even have his measurements taken until a few hours after he was born, and they were done on our bed where we were all resting. I also love that he wasn't prodded or poked, or given any medication.

Both pregnancies were truly amazing experiences, and I'm blessed to have two strong and healthy little boys!
40 weeks with Elliott sleeping on my belly

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